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Interface Emailer

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public interface Emailer

Send a simple email from the webmaster to a list of receivers.

See BuildImpl for important information on how this item is configured. BuildImpl.forEmailer() returns the configured implementation of this interface.

Implementations of this interface will be called by the framework when it needs to send an email. For example, TroubleTicket uses such an implementation to send diagnostic information to the webmaster. The from-address is taken from the webmaster email configured in web.xml.

Sending Email on a Separate Thread
Some implementations might send emails on a separate worker thread. However, such implementations can be tricky. If your application creates a thread on its own, then the Servlet Container will likely not be able to shut down in the regular way. The thread will be unknown to the Container, and will likely prevent it from shutting down.

The EmailerImpl default implementation of this interface doesn't use a separate worker thread. See web.xml in the example applications for more details.

Method Summary
 void sendFromWebmaster(List<String> aToAddresses, String aSubject, String aBody)
          Send an email from the webmaster to a list of receivers.

Method Detail


void sendFromWebmaster(List<String> aToAddresses,
                       String aSubject,
                       String aBody)
                       throws AppException
Send an email from the webmaster to a list of receivers.

aToAddresses - contains email addresses of the receivers, as a List of Strings that satisfy WebUtil.isValidEmailAddress(String)
aSubject - satisfies Util.textHasContent(java.lang.String)
aBody - satisfies Util.textHasContent(java.lang.String)

Version 4.10.0

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