Version 4.10.0

Package hirondelle.web4j.ui.tag

Custom JSP tags of general utility.


Class Summary
AlternatingRow Generate table rows which alternate in appearance, to increase legibility.
HighlightCurrentPage Suppress self-linking anchor tags (links), where a link has the current page as its destination.
Pager Generate links for paging through a long list of records.
Populate Custom tag which populates form controls in a simple, elegant way.
ShowDate Display a Date in a particular format.
ShowDateTime Custom tag to display a DateTime in a particular format.
ShowForRole Toggle display according to the user's role.
TagHelper Base class for implementing custom JSP tags.

Package hirondelle.web4j.ui.tag Description

Custom JSP tags of general utility. The TagHelper base class is useful for creating a wide number of custom tags.

Version 4.10.0

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