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Interface UntrustedProxyForUserId

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public interface UntrustedProxyForUserId

Determines if a request has an ownership constraint which needs explicit validation for a user id proxy.

This interface addresses the issue of Insecure Direct Object Reference, which is an important security issue for web applications. The issue centers around proper enforcement of data ownership constraints.

Please see the User Guide for more information on this important topic.

Untrusted Proxy For User Id

An untrusted proxy for the user id is defined here as satisfying these two criteria:

An untrusted identifier typically appears in a link, or in a form's target URL. This interface is for defining which requests use an untrusted identifier, and which need to enforce a data ownership constraint in a particular way.

Note that, as explained in the User Guide, not all data ownership constraints involve an untrusted proxy for the user id - only some do.

The Controller processes each request using your application's configured implementation of this interface. Most applications will likely use the default implementation, UntrustedProxyForUserIdImpl. The Controller logic is roughly as follows:

get the configured implementation of UntrustedProxyForUserId
if the current request has an untrusted id {
  cast the Action to FetchIdentifierOwner
  fetch the login name of the user who owns the untrusted id
  compare it to the login name of the current user  
  proceed with the Action only if there is a match
(Reminder: whenever a user logs in, the login name of the current user is always placed into session scope by the Servlet Container.)

Implementations of this interface will typically extract two items from the underlying request, to determine if the request has an untrusted proxy for the user id :

In some cases, only the noun will be important, since all operations on the data can be restricted to the owner. In other cases, both the noun and the verb will be needed to determine if there is a data ownership constraint.

Method Summary
 boolean usesUntrustedIdentifier(RequestParser aRequestParser)
          Returns true only if the given request uses an untrusted proxy for the user id.

Method Detail


boolean usesUntrustedIdentifier(RequestParser aRequestParser)
Returns true only if the given request uses an untrusted proxy for the user id.

Version 4.10.0

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