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Interface SpamDetector

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public interface SpamDetector

Determine if text is likely spam.

See BuildImpl for important information on how this item is configured. BuildImpl.forSpamDetector() returns the configured implementation of this interface.

Spam refers to unwanted input from undesirable parties (usually advertising of some sort) that is often POSTed to servers using automated means.

Most spam contains links. Implementations are encouraged to detect unwanted links.

The SpamDetectionInFirewall setting in web.xml can instruct the ApplicationFirewall to use the configured SpamDetector to reject all requests containing at least one parameter that appears to be spam. Such filtering is applied as a hard validation, and will not result in a polished response to the end user.

If that policy is felt to be too aggressive, then the only alternative is to check all items input as text using Check.forSpam() (usually in a Model Object constructor). Such checks do not need to be applied to numeric or date data, since the regular conversion validations done by RequestParser for numbers and dates will already detect and reject any spam.

Method Summary
 boolean isSpam(String aText)
          Determine if the given text is very likely spam.

Method Detail


boolean isSpam(String aText)
Determine if the given text is very likely spam.

aText - value of a request parameter.

Version 4.10.0

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