Version 4.10.0

Package hirondelle.web4j.action

Execute the desired operation.


Interface Summary
Action Process an HTTP request, and return a ResponsePage.

Class Summary
ActionImpl Abstract Base Class (ABC) for implementations of the Action interface.
ActionTemplateListAndEdit Template for "all-in-one" Actions, which perform common operations on a Model Object.
ActionTemplateSearch Template for search screens.
ActionTemplateShowAndApply Template for "first show, then validate and apply" groups of operations.
ResponsePage Response page served to the user at the end of an Action.

Enum Summary
Operation Type-safe enumeration for common operations.

Package hirondelle.web4j.action Description

Execute the desired operation.

In general, Action classes are the main public face of each feature. In addition, they are also the 'glue' that brings together all the other items related to the feature - Model Object, DAO, JSP, and SQL statements. Thus, an Action typically references all of these kinds of items, in some way.

ActionImpl is a base implementation of Action, and has a number of methods for common operations. It in turn has several template subclasses (ActionTemplateXXX), corresponding to specific combinations of operations.

An important point to understand is the separation of validation into two distinct parts - hard validation, and soft validation - see ApplicationFirewall for more information.

Mapping of incoming requests to an Action is done by RequestParserImpl. By default, it uses a simple mapping scheme which requires no configuration.

The main tool for building Model Objects out of submitted forms is ModelFromRequest.

Version 4.10.0

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